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Marianne Evans

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Marianne Evans is a multi-award-winning author of Christian romance and fiction. Her hope is to spread the faith-affirming message of God’s love through the stories He prompts her to create. Readers laud her work as: ‘Riveting.’ ‘Realistic and true to heart.’ ‘Compelling.’

Marianne’s novel, Devotion earned the prestigious Bookseller’s Best Award from Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America.  Hearts Communion earned Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year honors in the Romance category as well as best inspirational romance from the Ancient City Romance Authors, a chapter of RWA. Her novella Finding Home earned the Selah Award for excellence in Christian fiction and Evans has also earned acclaim in such RWA contests as The Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence where she has been a finalist twice, and the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence contest.

Happily married to her forever love, Steve, Marianne has two children and three fur-babies who rule the roost. She’s a lifelong resident of Michigan who is active in a number of a number of Romance Writers of America chapters, most notably the Greater Detroit Chapter where she served two terms as President. She’s also active in American Christian Fiction Writers and the Michigan Literary Network.

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Aiden Balfour has always craved stability, independence and security. He’s led a rocky life but always treasured his summers in Northern Michigan with his best summertime friend, Olivia Masters.
Olivia is dedicated to preserving the life she’s known and always treasured at her grandparent’s home high on a bluff overlooking the pristine waters of Avalon. With their blessing, she’s turned the expansive piece of property into a quaint, restful bed and breakfast.
But developers are circling—and they’re led by none other than Aiden Balfour.
Now an ambitious businessman, he’s determined to turn the lake into a tourist mecca. A successful business owner, Olivia is equally determined to stop matter what his hold on her heart.
Can the innocent joy and love of their youth be reclaimed? Can Then…and now…ever be reconciled to a future overflowing with love, and hope?

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All she wants for Christmas is her Master’s Degree. All he wants is a one-way plane ticket back to Los Angeles. 

Tiffany Zelling’s mission is to become a crisis therapy counselor using specially trained animals as comfort tools. She's focused on reaching the end of her school career, and nothing will stand in her way—not even a fantasy-world attraction to colleague Mitch Alexander. 

After a year as interim Director of East Coast Operations Mitch's tenure has been a resounding success. Now, he’s set to return to California and lay claim to a well-deserved promotion. He can’t wait to leave behind the cold and snowy darkness of Manhattan, but when corporate bullying and a massive snowfall throws him together with Tiffany Zelling, Mitch wonders if heading west is his best future. 

As two hearts build a pathway to love, goals shift and evolve. But as Christmas joy and hope move through the streets of New York, critical decisions must be made. Can their lives truly meld? Can Christmas at Tiffany’s be God’s answer…for them both?
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Christian Book

Ethan Miller’s family has done…what?


His profile is plastered on Now, this career focused, happy-to-be-a-bachelor is forced to endure an episode of speed-dating.


Interior Designer Natalie Gibbs is on the dating circuit, eager to find “the one,” but she has strict rules about the manner in which she’ll embrace a romantic relationship. She wasn’t even supposed to meet Ethan Miller—but God had other plans.


Ethan spends a month each year in Honduras, offering eye care to the underprivileged. He senses a sweetness to Natalie that prompts him to invite her along on the next mission trip.



The voyage leads them far from their home base of New York City, but straight into the hearts of the Honduran people. Slowly, Ethan’s heart is swayed toward the idea of love. But Natalie’s mission work teaches her about a love that reaches far beyond romance.



The Heart’s Haven Series

Operation Breathless

A burned out cop and a psychologist in need of renewal scramble to help a troubled teen careening down the wrong path—only to discover a love that leaves them positively breathless!

Winner, International Digital Award!

Best Inspirational Novella of 2013, from Oklahoma RWA

Available @ Pelican Book Group, Amazon & Barnes and Noble!

Jodie's Song

Flowers, faith and love aren’t the only things blooming at Heart’s Haven this Easter!

Available @ PGB, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book

2nd Place, Best Inspirational Novella of 2014, from Oklahoma RWA
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Maria's Angel

Sometimes, life’s purpose is found by accident.


Available now @ PGB, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book


Winner, Best Inspirational Novella of 2014, from Oklahoma RWA


Check out all of the Heart's Haven Series titles on the Hearts Haven Blog and FaceBook page!

The Critically acclaimed Sal’s Place Series

Search & Rescue ~ Book 1

Holding on…for a hero.

“You will find, as you read, a love so tantalizing you will want to dig deeper into God’s intriguing word. I know I did.” ~ Renette S on Search & Rescue 

Available @ PBG, Amazon and B&N

Beautiful Music ~ Book 2

A woman with a past, a man with a purpose, a God of mercy above all.

“If you are a reader that loves to be touched and feel like you are with the characters in a book this is a must read! Thank you, Marianne for a book that has left a permanent tattoo on my heart.” ~ Hope P on Beautiful Music

Available @ PBG, Amazon and B&N

By Appointment Only ~ Book 3

Faith makes all things possible, and love makes all things beautiful.

“If you like inspirational fiction, you can't beat Marianne Evans. She never disappoints. She grabs your attention from page one.” ~ Lin S on By Appointment Only
Winner, Best Inspirational Novel of 2014 from Oklahoma RWA

Available @ PBG, Amazon and B&N


WindFall ~ Book 4

PictureThis competition isn’t just about winning.

The Motown Master Chef Competition is firing up at Sal's Place! This year's battle features two combatants who dish up compelling stories as well as fabulous food.


Available @ PBG, and Amazon.


The Award-Winning Woodland Series

Book 1

You might turn your back on God ~ but God never turns His back on you.

Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist & Amazon Bestseller!

PBG, Amazon, B&N


Book 2

What would you write on a completely clean slate?

Finalist, Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year in Romance

PBG Print & Ebook, Amazon (Kindle), B&N (Nook)


Book 3

Can two loving, passionate hearts survive a communion of dreams and reality?

*Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year, Romance

*Winner, ACRA Award of Excellence,

*Best Inspirational Romance from Ancient City Romance Authors

PBG Print & Ebook, Amazon (Kindle), B&N (Nook)


Book 4

Can the key to their hearts unlock a lifetime of love?

3rd Place Honors, ACRA Award of Excellence

Best Inspirational Romance from Ancient City Romance Authors

Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist

Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence Finalist

PBG Print, Ebook; Amazon (Kindle) B&N (Nook)


Bonus Short Story!



Love…like faith…can never be quantified.

Can the touch of God Himself keep Paul & Sandy's relationship from shattering?

An Amazon Bestseller!

Available Now from PBG & Amazon

Sisters in Spirit


Aileen's Song


All her life, Aileen Brewer has dreamed of singing on stage and winning the heart of Liam Douglas. When she sings, she exudes confidence and charm. Away from the spotlight, she’s the shy, curvaceous woman who has always tried to maintain a sweet, Godly spirit despite her radical upbringing and a sense that she’s not quite good enough.


During a music festival at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Aileen takes the stage with her three best friends and Sisters in Spirit is born. Liam, a Christian record producer, is captivated by the wallflower of his youth who has blossomed into a magnetic performer.


He champions a record deal and a quest for Aileen’s heart, but can she find confidence enough to take command of the group—and accept Liam’s love? Can Liam help her see the beauty of the woman she has become?


Dreams just might come true in ways only God could orchestrate…


Available @ PGB E-book, PGB Print, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book

Siobhan's beat


Has the dream ended before its begun? Tragedy strikes the Sisters in Spirit, presenting a challenge the likes of which God alone can shape into goodness.


Siobhan Douglas can’t carry a tune—but her expressive, joy-filled dances give Sisters in Spirit its unique presence and a delightful energy that flows straight from her soul. Celebrating a recording contract has turned to horror following a car accident that leaves Siobhan broken—physically and emotionally.


Orthopedic surgeon AJ Cooper is driven by the world of healing. He even thought he was fulfilled—until Siobhan. He’s never met a more enchanting and determined patient. He’s never  been more tempted to leave behind a career-centered focus…


But Siobhan battles demons the likes of which she’s never encountered before and she’s certainly not going to complicate her life further by falling in love with her doctor. Dancing was her gift. Why would God take it away? Is she not meant to be part of the Sisters in Spirit?


Can Coop’s healing hands and ready heart pave the way for Siobhan to recover not just in body, but in spirit as well?


Available @ PGB E-book, PGB Print, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book






Kassidy’s Crescendo


The stage calls, and the Sisters in Spirit are ready to take inspirational music and performance to a whole new level.


Concert promoter Drew Wintower is a diamond in the very rough. He’s a genius at promotion and production, but he’s nobody’s believer. He’s all about tangibles and feeding the public appetite.


Kassidy Cartwright belongs to a Christian performance group that has captured his attention—if not his personal convictions. Once his life and heart intersects with this stunning performer, sparks ignite.


On the surface, Kassidy is strong and faithful. Beneath it all a longing builds to find the kind of forever love that two of her friends have embraced. She never expects God to answer that prayer in the form of Drew Wintower—his world is completely secular.


When a concert tour brings them together, Kassidy discovers a solid core of goodness and promise in this compelling man. As transformation occurs, can she hold on through Drew’s spiritual growth spurt?  Will Drew be able to convince Kassidy that his newfound faith is authentic—not lip service or an attempt to win her heart?


Available @ PGB E-book, PGB Print, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book


Maeve's Symphony


Maeve Callahan’s world has been rocked. NFL superstar quarterback and childhood friend Josh Andrews is heading up a charity benefit at Lincoln Center. He’s asked the Sisters in Spirit to headline the event.


Josh doesn’t understand Maeve’s polite, but unexpectedly reserved behavior at their reunion. They were high school sweethearts, a golden couple who ruled their senior year in Westerville, New York. He’s eager to reacquaint himself with the beautiful girl he knew as a youth and discover who she is in the here and now.


But Maeve is riddled by guilt and shuttered by something she cannot share with even her closest friends—something she knows she must confront with Josh if they have any chance at the love for which she has always dreamed.


A long-held secret is set to explode, a secret that will change the Sisters in Spirit forever. Long ago, Maeve made a critical error in judgment and has paid the price ever since. Of the four Sisters in Spirit, she alone broke the purity vow.


With Josh.


Available @ PGB E-book, PGB Print, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book




More Award-Winning, Faith-Affirming Christian Fiction & Romance


A single act of infidelity…a lifetime of forgiveness

Winner, Booksellers Best Award

Best Inspirational Novel of 2013 from Greater Detroit RWA

Finalist, Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year in Fiction

ACRA Heart of Excellence Award in the 'Strong Romantic Elements' category!

Devotion is available from the Publisher in Softcover & Ebook, Amazon (Kindle) & Barnes and Noble (Nook)

Watch the Trailer HERE!

Snowflake Kisses



Love and forgiveness shine bright…even in the darkest circumstances


Available from PGB, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book.



Finding Home

Sometimes, leaving home is the only way to find where you belong.

Winner, Selah Award

Best Novella of 2013, Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers

Part of Pelican Book Group's Christmas Holiday Extravaganza!

Available from Pelican Book Group, Amazon & Barnes and Noble!


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