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  • Interview: Irene Hannon

    Tell us about Buried Secrets. Here’s the blurb from the back cover: After seven years as a Chicago homicide detective,
  • A Bus Ride and New Shoes

    The Christian radio station K-Love airs spots everyday with stories about real people making a difference in their own communities.  
  • That's Not All There Is

    In 1670, Blaise Pascal wrote in his Pensees (French for “thoughts”) that there is a longing in the human soul
  • Luck, Fate, or an Angel

    By Marsha Vermillion The tires began to skid as gravel crunched and spewed from under my Suburban. Realizing I was
  • Interview: A Visit With Jace Johnson

    by Sherry Perkins A few years ago, I requested an interview with Jace Johnson. As a freelance writer, I was
  • Relaxing in Grace

    by Charles Rix, PhD My favorite verses are Ecclesiastes 7:16, “Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise—why destroy yourself?” and
  • Interview: Suzanne Woods Fisher - Anna’s Crossing

    When did you know you wanted to be a writer? Here’s the medium version: I’ve always loved to write, though
  • Poetry by R.E. Everton

    Bible Study   I sit, leaning back into the thin cushioned chair, I open His book to Genesis Scribbling notes
  • The Importance of Follow-up

    There are a number of important skills for every writer such as storytelling ability, consistency of touching the market and
  • She Won't Be Broken

    By Laura Widener The blazing yellow-white glow of the oncoming traffic felt like lasers. And sometimes, Lynn wished they were
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