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  • Thorns

    Thorns don’t always come wrapped in neat, pretty little packages do they?  Life has a way of offering us thorns.  
  • Poetry by Wal Norton

                                         ONLY GOD DOES THIS                                       By Wal Norton   Here up above On the mountain in India
  • Interview: Cynthia Ruchti

    Author of As Waters Gone By Every married couple has tensions they need to work through, but can a relationship
  • Seize Your Writing Power

    Many writers feel like they don't have a lot of power or influence. Especially if you are just trying to
  • Poetry by Marianne Lyon

                                           The “not too sweet” Paradox   Tangled sunflowers swirl on white sheet that
  • When You're Faith is Tested

    “There will be times in your life when your faith will be tested.” Throughout my life that phrase has popped
  • Is There?

    Recently, as I was driving to work I noticed the beauty of the trees I passed. They were so tall
  • Safe Summer Workouts

    During the long, cold days of winter, we long for summer exercise: soccer in the park, a bike ride along
  • Interview: Jennifer Shaw

    The picture-perfect life that singer, songwriter, speaker, and author Jennifer Shaw planned and initiated came to a screeching halt with
  • Poetry by Jordan Lott

    by Jordan Lott                                       Aporia   Through the
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